The Villa has a centuries-old history that begins in 1602, the year in which the complex was acquired by the Sermolli counts.

The noble bearing of the structure has been preserved perfectly over time. That’s why as soon as you enter the Villa, you are greeted by an air in which you strongly feel the aristocratic soul of the ancient owners.

Everything, every detail, gives off a feeling of distinction and decorum. In the frescoed rooms, you will perceive a contemporary esprit of great refinement.

In the medieval setting of the charming village of Buggiano Castello, you will feel like you are reliving a glimpse of life that belonged to our ancestors.


Only since 2011, the villa has assumed the current role of charming structure, preserving a particular allure of refined beauty. Many rooms, now transformed into luxurious and comfortable rooms, show frescoed walls with rich baroque decorations. The swimming pool, the restaurant and the spaces used for events have made it an unforgettable hotel.

Today, thanks to the Pleiner and Mancini Families, and their collaborators,

Reception Manager Elena Torrigiani, Executive Chef Luca Donati,

Maître Marino Lavorini, Gardener Andrea Puccini

the Villa has reached the peak of its splendour.

The hosts, Mr. Martin Pleiner and Mrs. Francesca Mancini, have dedicated time and passion to make the building ready to welcome and satisfy every need: from overnight stays, to the organization of events. All in a personalized way of course.

Choose Tuscan excellence. Choose only the best for you!